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‘Muchhad’ Beard Set-Wet Gel 100g




Every day you need to groom your beard or moustache.

DaadiPlanet’s  Muchhad Beard and Moustache Gel is the perfect solution for keeping your facial hair healthy and looking good. It is easy to use and helps keep your beard or moustache looking good all day long. 

This Beard and Moustache wax is made from natural ingredients. It is formulated to hold and style facial hair but works on beards and moustaches. The smell is clean and earthy, and the formula is water-soluble and easy to wash.

DaadiPlanet’s Muchhad Beard and Moustache Gel provides instant hydration. Free from synthetic styling polymer, this product is fragrance-free and biodegradable. 

It will provide light to medium hold, enhancing shine and adding volume to your hair. The Muchhad Beard and Moustache Gel provides hydration and controls frizz, making it ideal for quick and easy styling.



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