Our Philosophy & Mission

The Inspiration

Inspired by our beloved late Daadi ji Smt. Kelawati Deviji & international humanitarian leader, and spiritual Master, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Local To Global 

Who, ever in the family knew that entrepreneur has been born in a farmer’s home? In a home where farming comes by DNA, no matter how long you go back in the history but find a farmer only throughout the clan. Our Daai’s natural raw instinct and knowledge of herbs, medicinal plants, oils, spices, vegetables, and fruits, goes into the root of the invention of this beautiful herbal, chemical free skin care product line that you see today from Daadi Pharma and the Anti-Pigma is in the center of it all.

With the generous intentions to helping the community and people around dearest Daadi ji, facing skin problems like Melasma, sunburns, pigmentation, blackheads, acne etc., She collected some readily available fine ingredients like Masoor Daal(Lentil), Saffron extracts, Multani Mitti, Gulab Jal, Nutmeg, Fenugreek, Turmeric and Virgin Aloe Vera along with some Essential Oils(Secrete formula) Essential Herbs(Secrete formula) in the kitchen and around and invented a formula with her unconditional Love & Care infused in it. When it worked, results were immensely magical. Soon the formula became talk of the town. We the current generation is just a torch bearer and carrier to take the legacy forward.

Our Logo

Since 2022, as a pioneer in this space, Daadiplanet’s unique line seeks to work on the physical, mental and emotional levels to promote a sense of well-being with our Daadi ji’s blessings.

Our Collaboration

In collaboration with our partners and consumers, we are committed to making the world a better place. We donate 100% of our net profits to humanitarian causes.


Our culture is one of honoring all life, upholding human values and celebrating harmony in diversity.

Daadiplanet delivers an unparalleled experience of nutrition, oxygenation, hydration, and protection with our ground-breaking, natural collection of retail and professional products for face hair and body. Daadiplanet”s Skincare System produces true skin transformation and enhances your authentic beauty.


We produce 100% natural and result-oriented products that combine Ayurvedic wisdom and modern science to enhance an individual’s life on every level.

Daadiplanet’s products are created using cold processed, synergistic blends of anti-aging, antioxidant-rich active ingredients, combined with highly nutritive, therapeutic, and aromatherapeutic essential oils.


From responsibly sourced ingredients to highly effective finished products.We are dedicated to making sustainable choices to keep our planet green and vibrant, and support others’ well-being by bringing peace to the mind, love to the heart and food for the skin. Daadiplanet is committed to making the world a better place, and donates its net profits to initiatives that range from education of orphan kids and women empowerment, to rejuvenation of environment by planting trees .