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‘Muchhad’ Beard Growth Serum for Glossy Beard – 50 ML




DaadiPlanet’s Muchhad Beard Serum makes freshly straightened, glossy, smooth, stimulating, and refined freshly curled beards. The Muchhad beard Serum can touch up your beard style as needed.

DaadiPlanet’s Muchhad beard serum provides instant hydration. Free from synthetic styling polymer, this product is fragrance-free and biodegradable. It will provide light to medium hold, enhancing shine and adding volume to your beard. The Serum provides hydration and controls frizz, making it ideal for quick and easy styling.



Our products are made with 100% pure ayurvedic oil with 100% organic ingredients

No, it is 100% ayurvedic and made from fine organic ingredients

Absolutely Yes


★★★★ Super

Verified Purchase

Nice product


★★★★ Trusted Brand Beard Serum With Presence of Essential Serums – Go For It!

Verified Purchase

Beard Serum has been around for ages but recently it has upped the Indian market as people are getting serious about their grooming habits. Going by the trend, I too wished for a vibrant look and hence ordered it. Muchhad is the brand I am quite aware of and thus it turned out to the ideal choice.
After the usage of the product, my take on the product is as follows:
– Beard Nourishment – The nourishment of the beard is the very reason for the usage of the product and it is done quite handsomely.
– Reduce the Rusty Effect – My beard is quite rusty and looks like a jungle if not trimmed. With the usage of the Serum, the trimming is not needed and I can grow it.
– Nourishes the Skin – In addition to making your beard look healthy and nourished, the skin too seems to be getting extra care due to it.
– Reduces Itching – The usage of the beard Serum have had made the beard itching go away. Although itching prevention has not been mentioned as an advantage, it did to me this benefit.
– Presence of Essential Serums – The indulgence of the various essential Serums keeps the skin as well as beard well hydrated.

Unlike hair fall, I do not suffer from “beard fall” and hence cannot comment whether it prevents beard breakage or not. Also, the proper application of the Serum is required for reaping maximum benefit and experts says that it is best to apply after having a bath or a face wash.

Rishabh Kumar Sinku

★★★★ As promised delivered

Verified Purchase

This product really helped me in growing upto some extent and also using this for 2-3 months . And working very nicely . Thumps up for the product

Narveer Dahiya

★★★★★ Muchhad Beard Growth Serum is Best Product For My Beard

Verified Purchase

Choosing the best Serum comes down to a combination of ingredients and result.

Muchhad Beard Growth Serum is a serum that is 100% certified and pure. Not only will this beard Serum help to grow your beard hair thicker and stronger, it works to keep the skin soft and supple. That will help to reduce that itchiness during initial beard growth that is the biggest reason most men quickly shave off the hairs.
How To Use Muchhad Beard Growth Serum To Get Best Result : –

In order to achieve maximum beard growth, it is important you apply the product correctly or you will be wasting your time and your money. Here is a simple step-by-step guide for applying the Serum each day and enjoying that long beard you crave.

  1. Before applying any Serum to the face beard, it is especially important that you wash the facial area thoroughly or you will not attain the desired result. Washing the skin and then pat drying with a clean towel is preferred. The perfect foundation for starting the beard growing process.
  2. Take your bottle of beard growth Serum and shake it good to ensure all the ingredients mix properly. Massage the Serum into the face where you would like to see hair growth in circular movements. Continue working in the Serum to get a nice even coverage. If you are growing your first beard or have patches where hair has trouble growing, pay close attention to covering the area completely.
  3. Once you have massaged the Serum into the skin, you must allow 10 minutes for the solution to properly dry. Try not to touch or do anything in those areas during the drying time. This is a very important point in the process, so be sure to allow the allotted drying time.
  4. Now that 10 minutes has passed and the Serum has had adequate time to dry, it is time to rinse off the solution. Using tepid water, use your normal face cleanser and start to wash off every trace of the Serum. Take your time and gently clean the surface of the face and neck until you are confident the serum is gone.
    5. Depending on the brand of Serum, you can apply a second time later in the day and simply repeat this process again. Applying in the morning and again before bed will ensure maximum effectiveness.

The Conundrum

★★★★ Okayish. Doesn’t smell as great as claimed by the company.

Verified Purchase

What the company says:
Keeps your beard healthy and shiny and has a pleasant manly smell
Reduces dryness by acting as a natural moisturizer for the hair. It makes hair soft and shiny
Strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair loss.It has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce itching and irritation.

What I found:
> Beard looks shiny
> It does feel soft. The one I used before this from another company too made it feel soft.
> Not sure about the hair loss. I started trimming it a bit more often. Max length I let it grow to these days – 3-4 inches.
> It does feel like the growth has slowed down.
> Has a faint woody smell. But feels irritating at times. I like the nature and the smell of fresh cut wood. Wasn’t expecting this to feel irritating.
> Plastic bottle. No dropper. The nozzle is small and releases the Serum in a controlled manner. Handling the nozzle cap is a bit cumbersome, especially after you have used the bottle a couple of times.

1. Keeps beard soft for about 10-12 hours.
2. Gives beard a faint shiny look. Exactly how you would want it to look like.
3. Beard is better manageable after using this when compared to the ones I was using before.
4. Nice plastic bottle with a metal protective case.
5. The nozzle is quite efficient with the drops.

1. The woody smell sometimes feels like rotten wood.
2. Doesn’t address dandruff issue. In fact, mine is back since I started using this.
3. Have a feeling that my beard growth rate slowed down. Trimming frequency reduced from once every 2 weeks to once every 3-4 weeks.
4. A dropper would have been better and easier to use compared to the nozzle cap which has a tendency to slip out of the fingers after a couple of uses.

Must be my personal feelings. Try it with caution. Wouldn’t advice if this would be your first beard Serum.

Nishant Mehali

★★★★★ Real oli very good item

Verified Purchase

Real oli very good item

Bial M.

★★★★★ Keep your beard healthy

Verified Purchase

Beard feels fluffy and shiny after using this product. Not a fan of the smell but the smell doesn’t stay for long either.
Overall its a good product.

Rabin Singha

★★★★ After 7 day previous

Verified Purchase

Sohil khan

★★★★★ Muchhad beard Serum

Verified Purchase

Nice and very good product


★★★ Average

Verified Purchase

Overall good.


★★★★★ Good product

Verified Purchase

Good product


★★★★★ Best beard Serum in the market!!!

Verified Purchase

I don’t usually use beard Serums but this pandemic had me grow my bear sorta long. Longer beard comes with its own complications, Post wash it gets rough and the skin underneath it gets dry, so I wanted some good beard Serum which is not a growth Serum only to moisturise my skin which should also be paraben+sulphate free and Muchhad provided that exact solution I was looking for in an affordable way, also I’d give A+ for the packaging. After using the Serum you can feel the Serum moisturising your skin and you feel as if your beard is breathing and also the picture is just to show how dense my beard is, its not the actual result of using the beard Serum as I only opted for a beard Serum so I could moisturise it, if you have a beard as similar as mine and going through the same issues as I do then this is the best option that’s out there.

Suresh Kumar

★★★★★ Good working

Verified Purchase

Nice 👍


★★★★ Good product!

Verified Purchase

I’ve been using this product since November. I use it once a day (before going to bed). The following picture shows the growth of my beard in past 2 months.
I’ve always struggled with growing beard. My beard is still a little patchy but it has grown in length.
So, overall I feel like the Serum has played a vital role in the growth of my beard. But it might vary from person to person.
Would recommend to give this Serum atleast a try. Again, growing beard requires a lot of patience.
So, try it out.


★★★★★ It will be more effective if you use it at night before going to bed after a gentle face wash.

Verified Purchase

First of all the smell is really nice it absorb very quickly non sticky. I face little bit of acne problems but it was ok. After using it for 2 months I have seen 30% to 40% growth in my beard as my bread is still patchy but it will cover by time I think so. Lastly it is best bread Serum in this price range. If you have more budget then I will recommend you to go with its advance version.

Harpreet kaur

★★★★★ Vvgood

Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 26 October 2022

Verified Purchase

Good product

Nishant singh

★★★★★ Very nice

Verified Purchase

It is very effective product for patchy beard it works you can see the results in 10-15 days but this not those person who have not a single beard for new beard


★★★★★ best for acne prone Serumy skin

Verified Purchase

best for Serumy acne prone skin for growing the beard and this was the product that i really need dont think about overnight results every product need there own time but compared to serum its absorb the skin faster than beard Serums . and thanks to Amazon for the fastest delivery and iam bit unhappy about the packaging compared to other online shopping plat forms thank you


★★★★★ Does the Job

Verified Purchase

If you have hair follicles, it’ll help it thicken and grow faster

kasif khan

★★★★★ Really Work

Verified Purchase

It will help you to grow your beard

Mohammed Shuheb

★★★★★ Great product!

Verified Purchase

It’s going to be 2 and a half weeks of using it and I like this compared to Mooch and beard Serum by Muchhad. I’ve been using Mooch and beard Serum for almost 2 years till recently had issues witha curly beard after a certain length guess it made the beard too soft, so had to change it to this product, so far results with this product are are promising, will wait for another 3 weeks for proper feedback.

Nitin Ekka

★★★★★ Effective

Verified Purchase

Made my beard soft and dense. Keeps the beard moisturizer and maintain shine.

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Newton Williamson

★★★★★ Essentially smell

Verified Purchase

Fast working product

Radhey Ambre

★★★★★ It’s an effective product.

Verified Purchase

It’s very easy to use. Can use daily no harm to the skin. Showing effect slowly and steadily.

One person found this helpful

Vasu G.

★★★★★ Beard growth Serum

Verified Purchase

Great product with nice fragrance.
improves my beard growth in 15 days with more thickness & softness.
using Serum on daily basis with no side effects.

Jakkam Gautam

★★★★★ Much more improved product, particularly it’s perfume

Verified Purchase

You can feel the results within few applications

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