Our Skin Needs Shea Butter to complete it’s care!

Winter is here!

How do you know? Well, your skin is going to be the first to feel it. The harsh cold and bitter winds are going to be here soon and then there goes the soft and supple skin you’ve been maintaining for the entire year.

Your skin will need two levels of protection – one from the outside and one from the inside. In other words, you need a protective layer on the outside to shield your skin from harsh winter effects and skin care that penetrates into your skin cells to heal it from the inside.

So what’s going to come to your rescue? The answer is Shea Butter.

What’s That?

It’s a fatty substance that comes from the nuts of the karite nut trees in Africa. But where it comes from isn’t as important as what it can do.

What Can It Do?

  • Protect Your Skin: At its most basic, this is what shea butter is known for. It has vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that protect your skin from the harshness of winter
  • Act as Sunscreen: Shea butter has moisturising elements that protect your skin from the sun in winters. As if that weren’t enough, these elements also provide care for your skin after it has been exposed to the sun
  • Heal Your Skin: Winter means all sorts of skin issues such as dry chapped skin, bleeding lips and cracked heels. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, shea butter is the perfect natural ingredient to heal your skin. You can even apply it for minor cuts, bruises and burns
  • Prevent Aging of Skin: Yes folks, shea butter can help you look younger. It has the ability to boost collagen in your skin, getting rid of wrinkles and crows’ feet in the process