Almond – The Superfood Your Skin Needs

We’re all familiar with almonds. Many of us were probably made to eat soaked almonds every morning by our mothers or other female relatives when we were children. Some of us (like me) may even have protested loudly at having to do so (children, I tell you!). But, as is usually the case, there was and is a good reason behind this practice. For example, did you know that continuing this practice into helps lower cholesterol, prevent cancer, prevent birth defects, give energy boosts and much much more? No wonder, then, that this humble little food is actually considered a superfood that can benefit your health, skin and hair.

Almond is one of the best natural substances that you can use on your skin, thanks to its Vitamin E and fatty acid content, among other things. Read on to see how much it can do for your skin.

Your Skin is Protected from the Sun

The abundance of Vitamin E in almonds ensures that your skin isn’t damaged but is protected when you step out into the sun. In fact, it is also a great remedy for sun burns if you’ve stayed out too long.

It Works Well as Aromatherapy Oil for Massage

One of the best parts about almond is that the oil is suitable for all types of skin. This means that all you need to do is relax and let it nourish your skin while you feel calm and wonderful, thanks to its aroma.

It Moisturizes Your Skin Naturally

If your skin is sensitive to the chemicals used in commercial serums or if you simply don’t want to use products with too many chemicals in them, this is what you should go for. You just need to use a few drops on your face every day and watch the transformation. The best part is that the oil is non-greasy and is absorbed quickly and easily into your skin.

It Can Treat Whiteheads, Blackheads and Acne

Oil and dirt trapped in the skin’s pores clog them up and cause conditions like acne or give you blackheads and whiteheads. Almond has certain essential fatty acids that help to regulate the amount of oil that the sebaceous glands secrete, thus helping to prevent breakouts. You can even use it to treat skin rashes.

It Can Deal with Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

If you want to get rid of dark circles under your eyes effectively, simply soak almonds in some water and then make a paste out of them. Before going to sleep, apply the paste in the under eye region and leave it overnight. Voila! The puffiness is gone and dark circles are reduced.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as skin care is concerned. The benefits of almonds are too many to list. But the benefits do exist and it is a good idea for you to take advantage of everything this superfood has to offer.

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