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‘Kumudini’ Natural Glow-Booster Night-Time Face Oil




Kumudini‘ Natural Glow-Booster Night-Time Face Oil, 100% Natural With Manjishtha, Mahua, Mulethi and Saffron .  Made with hand-picked organic ingredients.

Just 4 Drops At Night, 4 Weeks With Us And You Will Say No To Make-Up! Let Dull, Tired-Looking Skin Come Alive with Confidence, Beauty and Grace, 100% Naturally!

Kumudini Face Oil contains Ayurvedic ingredients including Saffron , Mulethi , Sandal, Manjistha , Mahua & Sesame Oil and Lemon  that are known to have skin clearing and beautifying benefits. Manjishtha is the ancient herb in Ayurveda known to give that metaphorical gold-like glowing complexion. Being the key ingredient of this oil, Manjishtha or Indian Madder gives this amazing elixir its beautiful name. Manjistha is a powerful ingredient known in Ayurveda for its skin-beautifying, brightening and even-toning action and it is also said to help with keeping blemishes, pigmentation and Melasma at bay.

Who It’s Meant For

  1. With normal, dry and combination skin
  2. Looking for a safe and effective nightly regime
  3. Who like a fragrance-free, 100% natural alternative to take care of their skin!
  4. Who want to use Ayurvedic herbs comprising an ancient formula and not parabens, silicones, mineral oil and other commonly used chemicals
  5. 1 bottle of glow to last a months!

Kumudini‘ oil contains no artificial binders, additives, heavy metals

Cleanse your face with a good quality face wash like Daadi’s. Rinse well to ensure there is no residue, dirt or cleanser left on the face.
Apply up to 4 drops every evening before bed. Massage well for about 5 minutes.
Do not use too much oil for a clean, non-oily finish. For best results, use Daadi Planet’s 100% natural ‘Chandanam Lep’ Face Pack or ‘Tribhanga‘ Facial Ubtan to keep the pores clean and open, thrice a week.

COLOR: Orangey-yellow




Net Quantity: 30 ML

When should ‘Kumudini’ Oil be used?

‘Kumudini’ Face Oil is the perfect addition to your skin care routine, use it once in the evening before bed time to give your skin the much-deserved authentic Ayurvedic care.

How much of the ‘Kumudini’ Face Oil should be used at once?

You only need 4 drops of ‘Kumudini’ Face Oil Overnight. However, you can also adjust the quantity of the oil as per your moisturization needs.

Does it work for all skin types?

‘Kumudini’ Face Oil works well for all skin types including normal, dry and combination skin.

Can moisturizer be applied on top of it?

You can always apply a light layer of moisturizer on top of the oil but like most of our customers you wouldn’t feel the need!’Kumudini’ Face Oil is a light-textured facial oil that gives your skin all the glow and moisture it needs.

Are there any preservatives in this?

None at all. Natural herbs and spices are the only ingredients that go into the making of this product.

Can makeup be applied on top of it?

‘Kumudini’ Face Oil works beautifully as a clarifying face oil that imparts a gold-like glowing complexion to the skin. With this oil in your dresser, you wouldn’t find the need to conceal your naturally beautiful skin with makeup. However, if you wish to apply makeup, ‘Kumudini’ Face Oil goes perfectly well underneath makeup.

Can men use it too?

Yes, any person looking for glowing skin can use ‘Kumudini’ Face Oil daily. Ayurveda does not discriminate on the basis of gender.



" 'It is made with 100% pure ayurvedic oil with 100% organic ingredients


No, Blue-Stone Night Gel is made with 100% ayurvedic and made from fine organic ingredients


Absolutely Yes

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    Best product of all

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